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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I Got On Mother's Day or Down And Dirty

I got some land leveled.  That is a good gift and Hubby was grinning.  He did it because he knew it made me happy.
Or was it because I was on my hands and knees?
I was looking for arrow heads.
The spring pond is close by so I decided I would pull some moss to use for mulch in the garden.  These trees are still here from the tornado and ice.  There were more trees, Hubby has removed one now and then and finally we are down to the last two big ones.
Here's comes Hubby to mess up my play house.
He has cut the spillway so we can drain the pond lower,
remove some trees and some silt,
and generally make a mess.
Wonderful moss will make wonderful mulch
and enrich the ground.
My feet got mucked and I fell down!
Got just a tad muddy.
I did get a bucket of snails for Four Two.
Jake, my middle grandchild,
named Marcy's koi 
 when he was learning to count, thus...
Four Two.
I found a deep hole and then fell forward.
Thanks goodness there was an island.
We had stick boat races as the pond was draining.
It was hard for anyone to win with Maggie's eye on the sticks.
We did some snake hunting.
Bev found one baby and the guys saw it's granddaddy.
Can't you tell Jake in wanting in there?
Luke looking tough
Very little work was done in the garden
Everyone was too busy supervising.
The perfect Mother's Day,
surrounded by family,
every one laughing,
and I got to get dirty,
One of my most favorite things to do.

Hubby made a big pot of Gelbvieh chili,
the perfect meal for a perfect day.


Autumnforest said...

Now, that looks like a dream mother's day! Working the earth, family, laughter, and chili! Wahoo! I'm the same as you-love to play in the dirt and mud. We're kids at heart.

Journaling Woman said...

Oh my! That looked like fun- uh falling in the mud. You all looked like you had the best day. But, Gail my friend, you might be onto something-mud baths. People pay big bucks....

Christy said...

Seems like a great day. Leveled land is always a good gift! I spent mother's day gutting my sister's flooded house. I didn't even get to see my boy.

ellen abbott said...

Lucky you!

Lori E said...

Every thing but the snakes sound like so much fun. I am glad you had a fun, muddy Mother's Day.

Breathe said...

Ah, a mud bath at the farm spa. Where do I sign up? Glad it was a happy MD!

carolina nana said...

Looks like you had a fun Mother's day. We finally got all our trees cleaned up around our pond about 2 weeks ago. This winter did create a lot of extra spring cleaning but ya might as well have fun doing it,huh???? Have a Blessed tomorrow.

Pat said...

I agree with Lori E - everything but the snakes! Yikes! Otherwise a good time was had by all!

Jo said...

What a LOVELY Mothers Day, Gail. In the outdoors, mucking in the good ole earth surrounded by your loved ones. Your hair has grown out beautiful and healthy since your home haircut. Perhaps yours grows as fast as mine?Every three weeks I need a cut! (((Hugs))) Jo

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Yep every thing but the snakes would make for a perfect Mother's Day! Glad you had a good one!!!!

laurie said...

holy moly what a dirty job! but it looks so fun.

Rural Rambler said...

Gail that looks like one very wonderful sunny Mom's Day! Family AND a tractor too :)

Rudee said...

It sounds and looks like it was, indeed, the perfect Mother's Day.

Nezzy said...

Some people pay big bucks for a mud bath but not on 'the farm'. I looked like you really enjoyed yourself gettin' down and dirty!

God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!

Nora said...

That's a lot more fun than I had on my Mother's Day. I think next year I'll have some mud too.

Rae said...

Indeed it looks like a fun way to spend Mother's Day. Much better than being stuck inside cooking your own dinner celebration. I loved all the pictures.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like fun! A happy relaxing day! :)

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