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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Evolution Of A Canvas

I found something to do during the storms.
A blank canvas is rather daunting to look at so,
I added a bit of color
just to see where the color led me.
Then I smeared some more color
and some more.
I am waiting for the paint to tell me what to do.
The paint is forming pitifully

The sci-fi in me takes over.
...and for now the paint is resting.


Lori E said...

The first strokes are always the hardest. Then knowing when to do the last stroke becomes the hardest.

ellen abbott said...

I tried for many years to be a painter. finally gave it up.

Rural Rambler said...

It just needs your sig!

becky said...

Cool, Gail... I like seeing the process as you go along!

Pyatshaw said...

Looks good to non artistic me!

An English Shepherd said...

Very nice :-)


colenic said...

I love it!! The center looks like the purple flowers below!!

Sharon said...

It is beautiful Gail, absolutely beautiful :)

Spring Lake Farm said...

Yep, I love it too!


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