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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Queen of High Places

TP, Daddy's dog, always heads for high ground.
I believe it is for a better view of things.
TP is supposed to be a Bichon Frise.
She loves being outside.
Always resting beside those who are working.
Do not feel sorry for her condition.
She hunts with the pack and is the true farm dog.
We clip her matted hair and keep her free from parasites.
Her personal job is taking care of the cats.
She does it very well.
We like to think, in her, a part of Daddy is still with us.


Lori E said...

Oops left a comment but don't think I saved it.
What a smart dog. Watches the work and hangs around with the cool cats.

Nezzy said...

Nothin' wrong with a critter who seeks higher ground. My MIL's dog Bobby hates bad storm. She lives about a quarter mile away and when Bobby shows up on our carport, I know we have a bad storm comin'. I swear the dog is better than Doppler radar!

Ya'll have a beautifully blessed day!!!

Kate said...

Oh, how sweet. My dog (and the cats) are good supervisors when I'm working outside, too. If only I could teach them how to pitch in on the chores. :)

Sunny said...

What a sweet little face. The last picture is so cute. I get the biggest kick out of your roosters.
☼ Sunny

carolina nana said...

Nice dog,and it's so good that you have something to remember your daddy with. I can imagine the memories you have each time you look at that dog.
Hope you are feeling back to your old self.
Have a blessed day.

Rae said...

She is a cutie. Do you ever wonder what goes through their minds when they are watching you? TP looks like she has a lot on her mind and she sure looks like she is in charge of everything there.

Rudee said...

Smart and cute. What a combination! You know, dog is God spelled backwards for a reason.

Pat said...

So, does TP stand for "Toilet Paper"? Just wondering. Cute little bugger.

Nora said...

Dog is God spelled backwards only in English. It doesn't work in other languages. It's a cute thought, though.

chanel said...

The lovely dog !but why it no host ?

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