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Saturday, May 1, 2010

There But For The Grace Of God, Go I

Last night wasn't pretty and we got lucky or blessed, which ever way you call it. We had a several state wide
storm cell that was producing damage and tornadoes across many states.  The same is predicted today.

There are many sources to read on the net.  The news I am getting so far is one killed, many injured in Clinton, Arkansas.  Super cells are never funny, they can drop a tornado in a second and retrieve it as quickly or it can stay on the ground for miles(as it did in our area two years ago).  Several places in Arkansas and Missouri had tornadoes and it was not limited to those states.  These super cells affected five states last night and maybe more.

This was the big weekend for Pioneer Day.  Last night was a rodeo.  Hubby, our county's emergency management coordinator, cancelled the rodeo, opened shelters in the courthouse and the school for the people to use.  I hope they were grateful.

We did not get the tornadoes, Thank God, but we had a constant lightening show and a loud rumble that was continuous.  It was quite impressive.  I went to bed.

Since this covered many states and the news is still breaking, I do not know if you all are safe.  I would love to know how every one fared during this super cell storm.
The green of the valley belies the danger that was present last night.  This is the view from my front porch.


Journaling Woman said...

Glad you're ok. This MO girl is good to go. We didn't have storms here last night, but it threatened. My granddaughter stayed with me last night and she would have been scared - so I'm glad it didn't even thunder.


Rural Rambler said...

I am glad At the Farm is all ok and well this morning. Our little bit of Missouree had some grumbling rumbly thing going on but we were fine. Bad weather was near but we had none of it. We have a whole lotta leaves and sticks and small limbs all over from the high winds Thursday that blew in from the South before the storms.

Pyatshaw said...

Thank God we don't get these violent storms here (as a rule) I suppose we should be grateful for never really having anything too extreme (except a bit last winter).Glad to read that The Farm escaped relatively unscathed.
That's a beautiful outlook from your porch.

Nezzy said...

I heard this morn' 3 dead and two dozen injuries in Arkansas. I'm so glad ya'll escaped the violence of the tornadoes. There were 5 different tornadoes spotted in the area last night just south of us and as I said in my email buildings, vehicles and trees were lost but by the grace of God no lives.

Nora said...

I'm glad to hear that you are okay, Gail. Let;s hope it stays that way too fr the weekend. The view from your front porch is stunning. I'm glad nothing was uprooted.

J.Rae's Shabby Cottage Designs said...

We are in Paragould, Arkansas, and we had hard rain and the most amazing lightening show last night. I sat there watching out the window (after hearing we were no longer under tornado watch of course). I just had to praise and thank God for the beauty even in that storm. The local news said there were 1145 lightening strikes in 5 minutes time. I can see God's power and majesty in each lightening strike.
We were truly blessed to be outside the danger zones during these storms the past 2 nights. I prayed that God would put a hedge of protection around my family and friends. He still answers prayers! God Bless all of you who suffered damage or loss due to these storms.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

We had the winds and lots of snow falling sideways. And it's left behind some kind of winter storm that seems to be stuck over our area. We've got blizzard conditions today...yes on the second day of May. Go figure!

I'm glad we don't typically get tornadoes here, but I'm even more relieved to know you all are safe.


Pat said...

Glad you are okay. That was the bad weather we heard out - we were dealing with hail, sleet, rain and snow farther north in Montana and road closings.

Amy said...

Growing up in central Louisiana, I remember the super cell storms in spring and the tornado outbreaks. We now live in the Texas panhandle, in Amarillo. Every once in a while we can get a super cell, but being on the extreme west side (just outside) "tornado alley" we don't see them often. We do get some crazy wind, though, whether in storms or on sunny days.

Just glad you are ok.

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