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Thursday, May 27, 2010

It Was A Foggy Morning...

when I drove to work.  I could imagine anything coming through this fog.  I thought of The Fog and The Mist and Jurassic Park.  I thought it was my  imagination working overtime.  I see some prehistoric creature though the mist.
I guickly pull off the road because I am dangerous when I am shooting and driving.  I wondered at what I saw.
The fog wasn't clearing very fast.
I tried another angle and baby woke up.
Isn't zoom just wonderful?
I could see the water drops on the fence.
In this case, I would say zoom was safer too.


carolina nana said...

Nice pics, I love my 300mm zoom lens it made the price of my new camera a lot easier to swallow. I love taking pics in the fog you can definitely get some scary forms with the fog in the background.
Blessings to you and don't work to hard.

Sunny said...

I love foggy pictures and these are really great.
I love your new header.
☼ Sunny

mj said...

What a lovely drive to work! Aren't we lucky to have such wonderful scenery?

Pyatshaw said...

What a set of horns...sort of matches our Highlanders.

Love the new header.

Nora said...

Are those Texas long horns, Gail?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yes, zoom is much safer. lol!
Cool pics. I love the fog. We don't get it much here for obvious reasons, but a few times a year it whispers itself around our mountains and I just love it!


Pat said...

Nice rack!

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