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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Houston, We Have A Problem

This is a rooster who knows not what he is.  He has some Aracauna in him but the other part is just plain stupid.

He has a buddy and they make their rounds daily, seeking treasures of scraps or dog food or what ever it is their day to find.  He calls softly to his bud when he finds a morsel, the same way a hen calls to her chick.

He has one major problem and those involved are getting rather annoyed with him.  He thinks he is a cat. 

I don't mean he simply hangs with the cats or helps them eat their food.  I mean he is attracted to the cats!  Really attracted!!!

This rooster does not see a four legged mortal enemy, he sees an attractive, a very attractive partner.  The rooster works incessantly at convincing them he can change their world.  He is the eternal wooer of cats!  The cats ignore his romantic overtures and if he tries to carry them out, the cats just move.

I enjoy our animals getting along but this is very unnatural in my book!  He has hens but the cats are the apple of his eye.  Go figure!

Now if he goes in a soup pot, will he taste like rooster or have a strange flavor of cat?


Rudee said...

I need video. If the post made me laugh, I think the video will bring me to tears. Yes, I definitely need video, and not one that shows how to make rooster soup.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well....I'd say that is surely crossing racial boundaries, eh? I wonder what their children would like? A cat with a beak and comb? A chicken with fur and a long fluffy tail? lol!

Yes...video, please? This I gotta see! lol!

My rooster, Sid is still in jail. No serious takers, yet. Maybe he will end up in the soup pot after all. gasp!


ellen abbott said...

I guess it takes all kinds in the animal kingdom too. BTW, I love your elephant.

carolina nana said...

How funny,you might get rich with that video on "Funniest Videos" That definitely would be worth sending it in to that show.
Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

Razzberry Corner said...

Now this makes me laugh!!!

Christy said...

Animals are funny. I have a friend whose rabbit is in love with their rooster. I'd like to see your rooster do the dance for the cats.

An English Shepherd said...

Very funny :-) Not sure our cat would appreciate his attention !



This is sooo funny. Thanks for sharing. I love the top photo of the beautiful horses. The rooster story made my day - which hasn't been too great so far! Blessings.

allhorsestuff said...

ooou...I am laughing outwardly...but the visual of it makes me stop! What a mixed up dude!

I love it..Your header is so cool!That, Coming from me...no surprise!

Nora said...

My dog is equally confused about my cat, but that is not as strange as a rooster. He's really far away from his species. He's not even four legged and furred. I thought he might have an attraction for the elephant. Does he ever sit on it?

Pat said...

What - is the rooster calling, "Here pussy, pussy?" or what?

Must get this on film.

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