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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As We Head Into Fall...

Let's not forget the spring.

The days are shorter but thank goodness we have had plenty of rain and we are going into fall with lots of green grass and hay in storage. Our stock will be fed and for that we are grateful.
The garden has been good although my sisters have battled with armadillos, rabbits, deer and bugs, we still have had and are having a good harvest. All sorts of food have been dried, frozen and canned. We will be fed and for that we are grateful.
From the terrible ice storm last year and the tornado the year before, we have processed many fence posts, fire wood and chairs. We shall be warm, new fences built and chairs to enjoy and for that we are grateful.
Now, I am not grateful for ticks from the spot backs down to the seed ticks, I deplore each and every size, shape and color. Mosquitoes are right there on my list with the ticks. I am sure they have some ultimate, truly unique purpose in our wonderful world but I see no purpose. I also dislike the tiny bugs that are only out a short time during the year, but they bite like heck and you can't see them.
Chiggers don't like me so I shall not badmouth them today.


The Green Stone Woman said...

My world is so different from yours. The only things I'm bothered by are spiders and wasps. That's it for the wildlife.

Nezzy said...

Ya sound a little bugged today! I walked into the pasture yesterday to check on a cow that's due and I felt and saw that wonderful black mass moving up my leg. Ode to seed-ticks!

Have a great day and avoid those pesky bugs!

SkippyMom said...

Armadillos? THAT's a new one [kind of funny too :) ] although I know it is frustrating for your sis.

I am glad fall is here too - now bring on the snow so the kids can stay home and play with me :)

Anonymous said...

Ha i know what your talking about but for me it is the mosqitos that i hate....when i go out to feed the rabbits i come back in the house with at least 10 bites on my arms.

Carla said...

Lovely tribute to simple blessings:)
Chiggers do bug me, and are on my list:)

Oz Girl said...

It has been a very good season. Not a too hot summer here in KS either, although we did have a few over 100 degree days!

As for the bugs, I wish someone could tell us the purpose of ticks and mosquitoes - is it that they are food for many birds??? Well, I sure wish those birds would just eat them all up. Because they all bite the heck out of me. Since I moved to KS, I have endured two summers of ongoing bug bites. I hate it!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I was going to lament about our lack of rain this year, which has led to no real grass growth, but I will just say that I am grateful that we don't have to deal with mosquitos, ticks or chiggers up here. And flies were rarely seen this summer, too.
Probably because we hardly had any rain......



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