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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Farm Rocks!

I did no work today after work. Instead I decided to play. I wondered why most of our dogs are black and white.
My foster dog, Gypsy, is forcing me to walk every day! I do not quite trust her alone with the cats and chickens. Although we have had no problems, I do not leave her unattended and take her the other direction on walks.

Today I decided to cross the creek and climb what I call Rock Mountain and the guys call Terrapin Ridge. Rocks and trees, plenty of both to see.
Can you see a face?
One side of the mountain...I was coming down

The dogs all enjoyed the walk since it was new for Gypsy, she really ran a lot. Now she is worn out, sleeping at my feet.

The Border Collies and the Border Hound

We climbed Rock mountain and came down the other side to the Rock Gully, my favorite spot.

The dogs found a hidden pocket of water to cool off in the Rock Gully. There were a few spots left over from the last rain. There is no live water here but I believe years ago there may have been. It carries the rain now to the creek below.
I ran out of energy. My legs and arms scratched from briers, my batteries ran out and I was running out of daylight.

Football practice was over with and my hubby came looking, he said for the dogs but I know he was worried about me!


Carla said...

Good tired isn't it? Something about nature just re-charges the soul. Good for hubby. Yes, the farm 'rocks':)

Rudee said...

Came looking for the dogs! Ha!

Looks like you had a great walk. I can't believe how early it gets dark. I find myself rushing to finish work in some of the more dicey neighborhoods while I still have daylight.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Sounds like you and the dogs had a great walk - love the area, it's gorgeous! You're right, the farm surely rocks! :-)

Nezzy said...

Walking is good, for you and the dogs. Looks like quite a climb. I can see a face if I squint my eyes, tilt my head to the left and say shazzam three times.

I enjoyed once again. Have a super great day!!!

Tina said...

I love when we tire out the dog..makes me know I had a good work out..those rocks look like it would take a lot of energy to climb and find the right foothold! It's nice you have such different terrains to walk with your dogs..I'm stuck walking around the block!! :(

Silliyak said...

I'm sure he was looking for you, because if something happened to you, who would make dinner!?

The Green Stone Woman said...

Right, he was looking for the dogs! Like those darn dogs are more precious than you are. You had a good workout climbing those rocks. You must be in great shape.

Grammy said...

My what big rocks you have. I love the adventure you took us on. It looks so peaceful.

Rural Rambler said...

Yes, without a doubt, At The Farm rocks!

allhorsestuff said...

Ooou~ great day in the outdoors. I love your Rock mountain and gully too!
Funny about all your dogs being black and white~

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, hubby is so sweet! The dogs are living the good life. Gypsy will never want to leave! hehe :)
Yes, you do love the black and white theme there. Maybe you should have a ranch called the "Laughing Orca" with all your orca colored critters? lol!

I did see a face in those rocks. It was a sleeping face. Very cute, too.


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