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Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Is It?

Rooster roosting
A half open rose

A Cat in a sack

Chestnut burrs

A garden ornament with Golden Rod


Nezzy said...

Great shots. Girl, ya must wear that camera 'round your neck like a necklace! By the time I run to get the camera the shot has disappeared.


~Tonia said...

Love them!! I like to carry my camera everywhere!! SO I dont miss those shots!! The best ones always seem to be when we dont have the camera though!!Lol

The Green Stone Woman said...

Pretty garden ornament and a cute little cat in the sack. I wish I had sacks like that handy. We only get plastic ones anymore. They are a threat to the environment. It's hopeless.

Grammy said...

All beautiful photos. I love them all. Have a great weekend. Oh by the way I have eaten gator tail too.

Patricia said...

love the pix...I didn't know people ate alligator tails...but why not? I'm guessing it's white meat and ...hmmm tastes like chicken? chicken that's been eating fish

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That last photo is beautiful! I forgot about chestnuts being esconced in burrs. gah!

But, have I mentioned how much I love Orange?! He's so cute in that sack.


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