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Friday, September 25, 2009

Izard County Skies

I am still so tired, I am not putting them in the right order. This one is last today.

This is the beautiful site that greeted me this morning as I drove to work.

Every spot on the road had a different view. Can you feel the curve?

Beautiful skies with promise of an equally beautiful day
And we shall end with the first!
I am going to bed!


Oz Girl said...

Your last photo (really the first!) is gorgeous. Such a beautiful beginning to a day ripe with promise. :) Great photos! Sleep tight~

Grammy said...

Your sky is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Paint Girl said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures!! Love it when the sky does crazy things!

sarah said...

oh wow, Gail!! That is just sooooooo beautiful!! I want to be there!!Sarah x

The Green Stone Woman said...

Beautiful photos, Gail. Could you be tired because you're working too hard? You do have a full time job plus the farm and a teenager to raise. Not to forget the dogs. I'm just wondering?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I love pictures of the sky! Thanks for following all of my blogs, I appreciate it.
Have a great weekend!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Inspirational skies, Gail!


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