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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Farm Web

Oh, what a tangled web we weave
when first we practise to deceive.
Shakespeare or Sir Walter Scott?
Our communication on the web is good
If one insect lands, the spider runs

to wrap its dinner for later

Patiently waiting for the first ripple of the web
The delivery is here, let's feed the children.


Nezzy said...

What a good analogy. Yes, our communication on the web is good, unless you live in a dead zone where S-l-O-w dial-up is the only option. It takes forever to load a page and when it comes up it will time out on me right in the middle of things. A-R-R-rrrrrrrrr! My imitation of a pirate maties. You have a super great day!!!

Carla said...

You are on a roll! I think of this quote often (especially as my kids waste time with schemes)

Pyatshaw said...

I'll plump for Shakespeare.
What a great photo on your header-you sure must have a steady hand.

Rudee said...

That's an amazing looking web. Nice photos, Gail.

Sharon said...

Gail, this blows my mind. We took a picture just like your last picture today in our back yard. If I can get the camera to upload to this laptop, I'll share it :)


PS. . .Where's Miss Muffet?

Sarah said...

Hi! I love the photo on your header! Did you take it? S

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