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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As the appointed head of the Fungi, Lichen, Moss Association, or FLMA, I open this meeting.
I now call to order the Annual Meeting of Fungi, Lichen and Mosses! May I have you attention, please?
Guys, I am talking to you! Can't you move a little closer? Gather round, let's try to make a fairy ring where you all can hear me.

First we have have the minutes of our last meeting. A committee was appointed to study last year's problem and have a solution at this meeting. What say ye?

It was dry and many of us did not make it last year. We spoke of ways to move closer to permanent sources of moisture.
Did the toad stool committee come up with any suggestions? Uh, we had trouble moving around, we sent out spores but we haven't gotten a report back yet.
Mr Chairman, you should have listened to the Moss suggestion, we are near a water source and do not have to depend on the fickle rain to get our nourishment.

We suggest everyone moves near the creek as you can see our community is flourishing.


Joanna said...

This is a very funny post Gail. I liked the comments from the toadstools. What a variety of fungi you've found.

Pyatshaw said...

This is brilliant!
Why don't they all move to Scotland?--plenty "moisture" here!

Jeannelle said...

Interesting fungi photos, Gail!

Carla said...

Seriously LOL!!!!!

Nezzy said...

How very funny fungi can be, who knew? It's everywhere and on everything around the Pondersoa this year due to all the rain we have been blessed with. Have a great unmoldy evening!!!

Sharon said...

You are so creative with your photography and your interpretations. I really admire you Gail :)


Cara said...

Love it! I always stop to look at stuff like that. Then.... "MOM!"

The Green Stone Woman said...

Ha ha, that's funny, Gail. You have a good sense of humor. Silly you!

The Wades said...

So glad I stopped over from Lisa's blog. You're adorable!

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