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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Dog Blog

Which one is the big dog? The one wearing pants! You would think as much energy as I am using to train Gypsy for her forever home, some of this weight would fall off. I think I need more dogs!
The house you see in the back ground was the old family home, two rooms with a leanto kitchen. The red building is the smoke house over the root cellar.
We have had a foggy August and hope that does not mean as many snows this winter.  September has also been foggy so far.
We have to remember the sun will shine through the fog.
The fruit is growing
We have hazelnuts.
Marcy keeps on canning, freezing and drying so we have been blessed with food this summer.  Bev keeps on working every where she is needed. 
Things are hopping!
and sometimes things get hot At The Farm!


Sharon said...

When I was a little girl, we lived in a two room house in the mountains, very much like your old home place.

Your old red smoke house is about the same size as the one in my back yard. Ours doesn't have a root cellar, ours is below the barn.

I could do without snow and cold weather all together Gail, tell me it'll be a mild winter. . .please.

The hot peppers are beautiful. Once upon a time, I would eat those things like there was no tomorrow. Not anymore ;)

Have a great evening sweetie :)


Tina said...

No ... I don't want to hear that this winter will be colder and that ole sun will be hiding behind mist and other clouds!!
Your photos are charming and your commentary is, as always, inviting to read. Here's hoping for a moderate winter and a looooonnnnngggg fall!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I do like the photo of the fog, but then I like some fog early in the morning before the sun burns it away. I also like it when it hovers low over the fields like a layer of snow. I hope for a mild winter, but that's not what we had last year, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Pyatshaw said...

Do you have a stone (or brick) house now? A wooden house is the exception over here. Friends staying from New Zealand once said during heavy rain, "Listen". "I don't hear anything", I said. "Exactly", they said. They live in timber houses with corrugated iron roofs, and it is very noisy when it rains.
Love the bright red peppers but not keen on anything hot...never had anything like that as a child.

Rudee said...

The hazelnuts are beautiful. They'll make some tasty treats over the winter, especially if paired with chocolate.

Your pictures are very nicely done.

Nezzy said...

We have the old homestead house tucked away on a hill here on the Ponderosa. My DIL loves to have her pic taken on the back steps of it. She drags her friends from town down here to take the hike and click and smile.

Don't get me started on roses. I have 38 ya' know and each one has its unique smell. You and your doggies have a great day, maybe ya'll could teach Tiger the Wonder dog a trick or two???

Sarah said...

I love your blog Gail!! S

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