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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Sunday Drive With Some Side Walks

The road I drove to take Hubby to the tractor and fence line
An old tree stand for deer hunting

Working on a hill
Gypsy cooling after the run
Seymour in mid shake
Considering the next step
Wild flowers
Enjoying the top pond after a long run
A hidden treasure, lichen and a flower

The highest point on the farm

It was a good ride and a good walk. Now I have to get to work. Walnuts and pecans and chestnuts to pick up. More okra is in the freezer. Never a lack of something to do.


Oz Girl said...

I will certainly agree with you, there is NEVER a lack of things to do here on our property! Loved your photos - the lichen and flower is beautiful.

Speaking of, I better get my butt outside and help hubby with whatever he's decided to work on today... Stormy's new shelter I think, we need to do some finish work to it.

SkippyMom said...

Um, I think Gyspy is...well, um, I think she has found her home.

Yeah, that. :D Don't argue. heehee

Rural Rambler said...

I enjoyed Sunday at the Farm Gail! I got to take the drive and side walks with you without the work, at least at your place. We did a little work at our little bit of country-grilled up some burgers and hot doggies for a family bar-b-que!

Patricia said...

I always enjoy your pictures so much but am running out of different words to say so...

The Green Stone Woman said...

I love looking at your farm and at Seymour and Gypsy. I like Seymour because he reminds me of my dog. Mine is black and white but has the same stumpy tail and those long ears. They're so cute!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That is quite a drill! What were you guys drilling for? oil?! lol!

Thanks for taking us along for the ride. I love seeing what's going on around your farm. Chestnuts??? I've not eaten a chestnut for years and years! They are impossible to find in the stores. I used to make the yummiest chestnut soup. You are so lucky to have chestnuts growing there.


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