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Monday, September 7, 2009

Marcy's Fishing Morning

Marcy is always saying she wants to fish. Bev and I said go, but Marcy said there was too much work to do. Bev said if you wait until the work is done, you will never go.

So Marcy went fishing and the fish were biting. Her view from behind the fishing pole.

Bringing one in, he has finally quit fighting. She reels in three and looses three and of course the biggest ones got away.
Channel catfish, farm raised. Fresh from the pond and ready to prepare for the skillet.
The three Marcy did get to shore were all twenty-two inches long. Do not know the weight but it doesn't matter. Marcy fried them and brought a huge plate over warm for supper. I was not thinking about how much they weighed, only that they were delicious. Can't get any fresher fish than these.

Thanks, Marcy!

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