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Sunday, September 20, 2009

We Won...Again!

Salem Greyhounds versus Melbourne Bearkatz or Mighty Mites. Melbourne 22-Salem 16. This was a booger of a game. The Fifth graders had tied 0-0. The Fourth won...missed the third. It was a good day for Melbourne despite the rain.
I want to talk to the person or persons who voted in white as the color four years ago when we started football!
This team had black pants. Last week's team had blue...and what do we have in a muddy field? WHITE! We started white but that did not last long. Oh, we switch out the jerseys from red to white but today, the rain came twice during the game day plus all week rain, we wore white.

Andrew and Toni before the game


Andrew after the game.
Practice Tuesday, Wednesday, games Thursday night and Saturday.
Do you know how much my washer is going to be running?


Rudee said...

Winning is good. Good luck getting that uniform white again!

Nezzy said...

YooooHoooo! Congrats on the win. Have a great day!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

He looks less than thrilled to be photographed, Gail.

As my own boys would say, "White is great! So everyone can see how hard I played!"



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