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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Perfect Photo..

In my eyes. There are photos that come out just the way you plan and then there are photos that are quite by accident, not what you planned but wonderful anyway, beyond reason.

Marcy discovered this colorful spider and took several photos of it. She was gonna to delete this one. This photo has swept me away. Do not know if it is the composition, the lighting or the subject or the combination of all.

Thanks, Marcy for providing me with this awesome picture!


allhorsestuff said...

THAT IS= very cool indeed!
It does look like what ED asked his photo folks to provide a few weeks ago..."Rule of Thirds". Which I watched from afar to gleen info from...not being math oriented.
I LOVE it too Gail... the colors and the fact i almost thought it were a bee...you should try your hand!

DesertHen said...

It is a very eye catching and pleasing photo! The blue sky provides the perfect lighting and complements the entire photo very well.

Nezzy said...

Awesome!!! One of those one time shots.

Have a good one!

The Green Stone Woman said...

It's a very artistic photo and Marcy should study some photo books to get ideas of how to set up the perfect shot since she is always walking around with that camera.

Paint Girl said...

Now that is one creepy looking spider! Sorry, I hate spiders, BUT, even though I hate spiders, that is a great picture!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's like the 'one that almost got away' and it truly follows the 'rule of thirds'.

Very cool Marcee! And you have a good eye, Gail!


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